" Attention Firefox user! There is a bug in Firefox that makes the text not come out correctly. We recommend you upgrade to Google Chrome." IMO the site software should be compatible with all browsers. AMIRITE?

HTML is annoying as h*ll, but it's still the standard.

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No problem with the latest FF here either. I do have a different theme than the usual for Amirite, but, I dunno.

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Within reason.. There is an abundance of browsers out there and while HTML may be a standard, different browsers, and often even different versions of the same browser, render it differently. It's a gnarly jungle out there for web developers and testers.


Whatever the problem is, I am unaware of it. I have several problems with the site, but text is not one of them.

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What about if I'm using XP? jolly smiliehehe smilie 乂^◡^乂

@Ada What about if I'm using XP? 乂^◡^乂

Good for you. I wish I was using xp it was so much better than the numbered versions.

I just hate it when things do not match. One of my jobs requires me to use Explorer rather than google to report and pain. What a bother, every time I get into explorer there is lots of clutter and things they want to make me look at. I like google when it is as it should be - nothing but the word google so I won't get distracted at all- I don't like google doodles they are distracting as well. Anyhow good luck with your firefox problems, I hope you get it set up just the way you like.

I'm using FF and not having any problems. And even if I were, I wouldn't switch to google chrome.

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