We should have come far enough in medicine and science today for them to formulate the side effects out of our medicines, amirite?

I understand everyone is different, and there might always be some side effects for some people, but some of these meds that make you kill yourself? Cause death? Those should not be on the market.

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Nope. They don't even Know all the tricks that water can do. They used to say no two snowflakes are alike, and then somebody found two snowflakes alike.

They are usually still formulating drugs when we use it. Never trust the dr to keep you safe.

Yes. But Big Pharma makes money from bad side effects...so that's not going to happen soon...anytime, really.

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Sadly you would think that would be the case. I have 5 pills that I have to take for the next couple of weeks that are dangerous but I currently need them.

I use to look up the side effects for my late mama & could not believe how dangerous some of them were.

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Oh I promise I will

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yeah its called NATURAL remedies, but that doesn't make pharma companies big bucks\

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