Love knows no race, gender or social status. Not allowing people to consummate their love through a marriage ceremony because they are the same gender is sad and naive. amirite?

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People forget that marriage is a social thing, not a biological thing.

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Haha I'd rather have nobody consummating their love at a marriage ceremony...

So would you say that a pedophile claiming to "love" a child is simply misunderstood, since love has no boundaries?

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The pedophile reference is getting old. No, two consenting adults who have the knowledge and experience to make their own educated decision is not the same as a grown person having sexual relations with a child. Not only is this HIGHLY offensive to people who are gay, but it's also a large trigger warning to people who have been sexually abused as children.
Also, SMD I'm gay and a survivor of pedophilia. Don't you DARE try and relate the two.

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I don't know why anyone straight or gay would need to be married - it isn't as if marriage means anything these days.

Posting about it on Amirite is not going to change anything. If you want to make an actual change in the world, then go do it.

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