Just saved bullet ant from drowning and it bit me ouchie. Being nice can be hard amirite?

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I did the same favor for a bee when I was about five years old .... with the same result. I was devastated! Life's lessons can be painful. cry smilie

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And I saved a spider. We've been getting enough rain as it is... You know the myth, right...?

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I don't know what a bullet ant is, but sounds vicious. I'd get the ball bat out and give it a swat.

It can! I confess, I had to look up bullet ant. I've often tried to save insects and other little creatures from drowning, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be doing it without armor if I knew it was a bullet ant, if at all....

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I know I usually picked ants up with paper and took them out of my house lately they have been coming around so often I now step on them. Wildlife outside is fine no longer welcome inside my house.

As long as you know where to draw the line. People will take advantage of you, it's your choice whether or not you let them.

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I hope, if you ever see a Great White swimming in the shallows, sucking his teeth.

You don't jump in the water with some floss...

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