It sucks when you visit a restaurant for the first time, you're stuck between two options, and you go with one saying you'll choose the other one next time, but the next time you visit, you forget what you chose the first time and so you get the same thing, amirite?

If this post sounds like I'm rambling, know that I'm sleep-deprived.

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Haha...that happens...and it's not bad...at least you know you've liked it.

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It hasnt happened to me, I instantly remember what Ive chosen the least time when I see the name in the menu

I always say that, and that always happens. Or, if I never visit the restaurant again, if it's far away or something.

Make your order at gunpoint and tell them, that if they don't remember your choice the first time, you'll slap them with a cod the next time.

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I rarely eat out

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