Just because a girl doesn't have enormous boobs, dark tan skin, and platinum blond hair doesn't mean they can't be extremely beautiful, amirite? P.S. this was written by a guy. amirite?

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Dark brown hair is so much sexier than blond hair...

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@Dark brown hair is so much sexier than blond hair...

Let's make the girls that actually have natural blond hair feel bad about themselves!

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@Dark brown hair is so much sexier than blond hair...

niggggga it just depends on the boobs man!

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Being pale is fun too. (:

@ashleyeatsflesh Being pale is fun too. (:

albino...almost as bad as gingers

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@albino...almost as bad as gingers

(team weed): not even! gingers are awsome! i dont get why people think otherwise. ps im not a ginger

Hey Captain Obvious, where are you the 1960's California? This is as an absurdly obvious statement. Why does it need to be said?

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i hope this post is genuine. if its a girl pretending to be a guy, that would suck.
if it is genuine, you are amazing. :D

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@i hope this post is genuine. if its a girl pretending to be a guy, that would suck. if it is genuine, you are...

Thanks, everyone. :DDDDDD

And yes, @139377, this is really a guy. Be my friend on MySpace.

Thanks, again. It made my day that I had the most likes for the whole week. :D

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Thank god, at least some people aren't shallow in this world. I agree as a guy with you completely C: in my opinion if she can't hold a conversation it's not really going to work. Because when you grow up, looks fade, but personality is still there. So don't be shallow people :D

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You my friend, are awesome :) Thanks for this. It made my day :)

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Who were the 12 assholes that said no way?!

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Eww, dark tan skin with platinum blonde hair isn't attractive anyways. :P

Marry me?

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Ahhh, you're cute. (: AND you're right. (:

i think im in love with that huy who wrote that quote .....at the end u matter not ur aperance

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That isnt really beautiful, thats known as "Hot".

You may as well rename yourself a mistake. That's what your parents call you behind your back.

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I think you described the opposite of my dream girl

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GRats on getting most votes for "Yeah, you're right!" in the last seven days. I totally agree with this to. Guys who think its all about looks are dicks. Seeya on facebook (P.S. savannah would/is proud of you :))

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Wow. Made my day.

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im blonde whats wrong with that!!

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@im blonde whats wrong with that!!

Nothing's wrong with being blond!

I'm just saying that if you're NOT blond, that doesn't mean you're not pretty. A lot of people label "pretty" as the girl I described. But, just because you don't fit in perfectly with that label, doesn't mean you're not pretty.

The same thing goes for being tan, or having big boobs.
Nothing wrong with them, but just because you don't have them doesn't make you worse than people who do.

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You are amazing! I wish that more guys would think like you, but they all seem like shallow jerks. This post really made my day :)

My friend Nick Yeah Mayne. GAAP!

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BTW This is Darian

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You just described my favorite girl...

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PS, you're gay, you might as well rename your ass a vagina

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