"Men get sexually assaulted, men get abused, men have toxic gender stereotypes that they are expected to live up to. This is a problem, and I am more than willing to have discussions about this, and talk about what can be done to change these things if you bring it up as its own topic. However, if you bring these things up as an attempt to override discussions about women, I will not listen to you. If you really cared about men's issues, you'd bring it up at other times, not only when we're discussing women's issues. That's not you caring about men's issues. That's you not wanting to talk about women's issues because you want everything to be about men." Amirite?

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No one should be made to feel like they are any less important or valued than the next person. The problems men face are just as serious, but often I see them made fun of or not taken as seriously as when women face the same problems. Bashing and abusing others just needs to seize altogether. I've had to deal with many stereotypes on my son, who is sensitive and caring, with a sense to know and express his likes and dislikes. I think it is utterly ridiculous that a boy has to explain his hair length, or that it's considered so dang wrong for a boy to have a baby doll. Expectations of gender roles put too much unnecessary pressure and stress into an already chaotic world. Irregardless of who, people need to be held accountable to their heiness acts of assault, abuse and rape. Stop shaming, name calling, and minimizing real issues. I always get a bit heated when any person is treated less than such.

I recently attended a two day workshop about male victims of domestic violence. It was very enlightening. One of the topics that came up is that male victims of DV are often brought to attention just to derail conversations about DV toward women. This has done little to help bring awareness, as many people (professionals, even) take this attempt to derail as evidence that DV toward men is a myth. Very interesting! 🤔I do agree with you 100% though.

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