I'm not the only one who thought that boy's peed out of their belly buttons when I was little? amirite?

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I for one never thought that..

Lol u actually thot thAt

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@Lol u actually thot thAt

yess haha, you can't even begin to imagine what i thought sex was when I was like 5 or 6.

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I think ur alone there

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Well ignorance sure is bliss

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@Well ignorance sure is bliss

When my friend tried to explain it to me, she told me that boys had sticks and girls had holes, and the sticks went into the wholes, I was completely shocked and said "wouldn't the girls get splinters!?!?" haha I miss being 5.

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Aw, how cute. But sadly you might be the only one who thought that.

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Ha. At least you didn't think that girls peed out of their butts like I did. xD

Salientk. Haha. Nice

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