You would rather be too cold than too hot, amirite?

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Sofias avatar Sofia Yeah You Are +3Reply

What dd said....

You can add extra layers when cold.Turn on the heat.Too warm-you can't do a damn thing.

Cold-weather person here...

Mashas avatar Masha Yeah You Are +2Reply

I'm naturally just such a cold person, I wear so many layers indoors. You'd think I'd be used to being cold by now, but it actually makes me miss overheating haha

Personally, I tolerate heat better than cold, while some are quite the opposite. Air conditioned environments were not the norm in my pre-adult life, so I'm quite able to slip into that adaptation mode. Misery for me kicks in when I've layered on all the clothes I can, but still can't get comfortably warm...and side effects of the meds I'm on contribute to the coldness effect...

Nope....you are wrong.

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