Whenever you are driving in a different state and see another person with your state license plate you feel a little betrayed if that driver is horrible, amirite?

Like come on! You guys were supposed to be on the same team and now they are going off being a horrible driver and putting a bad name to your state!

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Haha... I always find funny seeing someone getting angry over bad driving. Mostly because I don't drive.
I would probably feel differently if I did xD

Sofias avatar Sofia No Way +2Reply

There are worse ways one can besmirch the image of his/her own state. When it comes to aggressive driving few outdo New Yorkers.. (I'm looking at you Massachusetts smile smilie).

PhilboydStudges avatar PhilboydStudge Yeah You Are +1Reply

I just pretend they're from Alaska instead and forget about it.

I don't worry about trivial things like that.

Like I really pay attention.

@dru18 Like I really pay attention.

It's always important to pay attention while driving!omg smilie

Ellens avatar Ellen Yeah You Are -4Reply

Yes I take it extremely personal. Which of course makes the only reasonable action to be speeding up and weaving in and out of traffic to catch up to them and inform them of the bad reputation they are giving our state on the road.

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