Given the choice between freedom and happiness, the great majority will choose happiness, amirite?

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Freedom is happiness.

I am unhappy, but at least I'm free to feel that way.

I want to be free to pursue my happiness.

Everything we do is either in pursuit of happiness or avoidance of misery, so it's only natural that people will choose happiness over whatever other option you present them with, so you're probably right. But the devil is in the details, we have a limited ability to anticipate what will make us happy, and if you give up your freedom in pursuit of happiness only to discover that you're more miserable than before, you're really screwed, because you've given up your ability to choose a different path. If you choose freedom, you retain the ability to make whatever changes you deem necessary to achieve happiness, and in the long run that's probably a more viable path to true happiness.

I choose freedom. My happiness is my own responsibiity.

I think that a lot of people want to be free even if it compromises happiness.

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This has been known for thousands of years.
It is why early civilizations had arenas. To distract the people from their lack of freedom, as well as problems in their government.

Look at modern America.
Far more people choose sports over participating in their own governance.

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I believe the vast majority do as you say, that is why people love rules and laws, both civil and religious. People want to be told what to do and what to think.

I am free to express my emotions on my own terms and will not fake them on others’.

Freedom is happiness.

When freedom is taken away, you are told you are happy. Some, believe it.

Depends on if you wanna live truly free or feel like you’re free because you’re living in bliss. The latter guarantees happiness while the former may have misery. But is freedom really not worth it at that point?

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