You crack your knuckles on purpose, amirite?

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No, I don't crack my knuckles...I heard that cracking your knuckles could lead to arthritis.

No, I don't crack my knuckles, my Mom always said they would make my hands grow big. lol

Yes, once in a while. Sometimes they just feel like they need cracking. a smilie

JanHaskells avatar JanHaskell Yeah You Are +4Reply

I’d be upset if they cracked against my will.

Mike_Hawks avatar Mike_Hawk Yeah You Are +1Reply

No, never have done that myself..on purpose.

Yea...every day, when I put my hands together, fingers spread wide and bend my fingers back and forth.

Stretching fingers and cracking knuckles, all at the same time.

DandyDons avatar DandyDon Yeah You Are -1Reply
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