Shaming people for being skinny isn’t ok. Amirite?

Any type of body shaming is wrong. But shaming skinny people isn’t as recognised as fat shaming. Some people cannot control their weight whether thats if they’re skinny or fat. Shaming people for their body type is extremely degrading and can seriously effect that persons life

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Being concerned about someone when they are really skinny OR "fat" is understandable, I think. Trying to "shame" them for it, though, isn't okay with me..either.

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Some people can’t help being skinny

everyone can control their weight, unless they have an actual illness/disease preventing them.

however shaming someone for their weight is wrong, but telling them their weight is unhealthy is fine. unless letting someone die young in fear of offending them is the better alternative to maybe offending them

The reason skinny-shaming is not as known as fat-shaming is because any fat was seen as bad for a time, and being skinny was applauded and pretty much forced down your throat. It still is. The amount of crap I see to make girls feel embarrassed and bad about their bodies is just disgusting. So now people rebel against "skinny" and are as dumb as those who fat-shame others.
Being curvy now isn't as an issue as it used to be honestly, and it is starting to get more awareness in general, so I hope instead of turning against "skinny", people turn against "shaming". If not, we will go on a circle. Until people start targeting body-shaming as a whole, I don't think much will change.

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Shaming (and/or justifying the shaming) is never ok.

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