If you're not American your opinion on American policy doesn't matter, Amirite?

So many foreigners hate trump it must mean hes doing something right.

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Number 4 made me think a little because your right. but jealousy is the best kind of flattery or as the kids say.." haters gonna hate "

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I was going for shock value on this one... people seem surprised

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I thought we agreed we need to mind our own business

If that's the case...to ALL AMERicans on AMirite!! Don't fucking post about any American issues. I won't either...honestly, it might be difficult since it's sometimes so...entertaining...amusing...ha Don't take it personally.

The only reason America has an effect globally is because it's a large country and has many many people. That doesn't mean anything more than many many more stupid people. Trust me. I've been to the bus terminal in Detroit.


And DON't fucking think you can weigh in on the politics of other countries either.

The topics here are not always about America, I dont join political posts since I don't have much to contribute.

I really couldn't care less...
Hate if you want to hate..
American, non American, politics or whatever.

If there were 1,000 non Americans on this site that were hating Trump, it wouldn't have any effect on me...I'll sleep just as good as I always sleep.
Pretty sure Trump wont lose any sleep over someone hating on him, that he'll never know about......not sure what it's really supposed to accomplish.

If you like hating....have fun, you only live once.

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