The third meal of the day is called “dinner,” not “supper,” amirite?

Which word do you use on the regular?

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Technically, "dinner" can be eaten any time of day, while "supper" (derived from the French "souper") is defined as the evening meal. But most regions now either use the terms interchangeably or eliminate the word "supper" altogether, using "breakfast", "lunch", and "dinner" as the three meals. I grew up with my grandparents, and they always called us in for supper in the evening. a smilie

It's called dinner for a reason.

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It's tea.

I have used both, but as long as you don't call be late for it I'm ok with either.

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Growing up it was supper time....at 5:00. Now we sometimes refer to it as dinner....makes no difference to me what it's called....we still eat. lol

Dinner and Supper is a lower class thing, while Lunch and Dinner is an upper class thing.

Personally, i say Lunch and Supper. lol

Does it really matter what it's called if you know what they mean? I grew up with the evening meal being called supper. It's like some people calling soccer, football.

My third meal is called brunch which is followed by lunch, tea, supper and several more feedings after that.

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I usually say "dinner" but if I don't have to cook it, I don't care what it's called.

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