Learning a second language helps you learn your first language better, amirite?

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Wi'n Cytuno.I agree.

Most definitely! Especially when I truly learned what it meant to conjugate and how conjugating changes for different types of words, like participles and stuff. It made me appreciate English a lot more.

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I know 3 but I still arent sure about that

Я согласна! I agree! Learning variants and side derivatives helped me learn the origin and evolution of my first language better.

Modern Russian is the lineal descendant of Old Russian. This root formed as a merger of tribal Russian tongues. Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Carpathian are side derivatives, albeit closer in many aspects to the root than Russian itself. Pomors and Cossacks speak folk variants, more distinct than dialects, in addition to Russian and Ukrainian.

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I dunno.

Gewiss. biggrin smilie

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