Being an adult is eating the crust not because you like it, but because you paid for it. amirite?

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I like the crust.

@StarzAbove I like the crust.

Being a mom my guess is you want the best - the choicest parts - for your kids.

I like the crust better than the inside of pizza. Guy I lived and worked with didn't like crust so we both took our favorite parts. People at work always said why won't you let her have any of the pizza but crust? Ha Ha, I had just what I wanted.

No. I pretty much had to eat some stuff I didn't like when I was a kid, if I wanted to leave the table. As much as I dislike wasting food, I rarely eat something I actually dislike just because I paid for it, these days. I happen to like most crust, which is why I go ahead and eat it.

Always toast crust

As the provider you eat what's left. Or so I'm told this is how it should be. Who set the rules I don't know. Maybe I should reconsider. In war times all is up for grabs, of course. But this ain't war times... yet.

Um...no my 40 year old self still doesn't eat the crust and I buy my own groceries crs smilie

There's no pizza crust if you pile the topping up to the edge. LOL

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