There's nothing worse than being stuck inside on a beautiful day, amirite?

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It is bad, but if you live in places like Canada (like I do) or Alaska, snow storms are worse, than that.

Outside in a blizzard would be far worse.

@EternalSailorSol Agree. Question: Ever been to Canada?

Just once when we crossed over from Niagra Falls. But we have pretty bad winters here in the Midwest. -17 degrees is nothing to joke about....brrrr...

There are many things that are worse, but I empathize with your statement.

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Well, actually there are, but I do hate being inside on a beautiful day.

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Being stuck outside on a cold, windy, rainy day....would do it.

Dealing with jackwagons is far worse

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Well bless your heart. I do know what it means cupcake but thank ya kindly for taking the time to look that up.

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