Trump's wall should be built not because it'll stop illegal immigration, but because it'll open our eyes to the issues within our country, amirite?

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Anyone who locks their door at night had better not be against a wall on our border.

A wall will never stop illegals from coming into the States. Any wall can be climbed over, a lot of illegals come by plane or boat with their drugs. And we certainly don't need a wall to point out the problems we have....all they have to do is listen to the president. He's the biggest troublemaker of all.

It will open our eyes to the reality that building a wall was a really stupid idea.

No...I say, don't build the wall and let people learn the hard way, when something really bad happens ( as if, thousands of ILLEGALS walking across our border isn't bad enough).

In the meantime, sell Mike & ike and milk duds at the border.
Not healthy?...., don't worry about it, we can all chip in and pay their medical bills, housing too.

Hard working Americans just love to give their money away to ILLEGAL aliens (criminals).

Let's see....
Continue using money to pay for ILLEGALS, or use that same money to help stop them, yea tough decision.

When M.S.M starts telling you Trump will never get reelected, just remember what they told you the first time... Lol

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