Restaurant food tastes better than food at home amirite?

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I actually prefer home cooking. :)

Sometimes. I have a girlfriend who brags about her home cooking, and it's nasty. So I guess it's just a matter of taste.

I don’t cook meat. I only eat meat when someone else cooks it. My favorite is red meat which I’ve cooked a few times and I couldn’t stand the smell while cooking out of guilt or disgust, I don’t know. So yeah. I’m more of a you cook for me type of person. Chicken too all meat. Ugh. I’m actually a good cook. Every time I made food for people they praised me for it. Made me feel guilty. I couldn’t eat it.

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I love home cooking, but it's really nice to have someone else do all the work! I guess that adds to the "flavor". a smilie

I would rather cook quality food at home but going out every once in a while is also welcome. Usually home cooked meals are far better.

Depends on the restaurant, but I view it more as a treat.

I rather my own cooking..

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