Batman is lame due to the lack of no powers and his personality never changes amirite?

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I've never been a huge fan of Batman. It's the "from planet krypton thing that gets me. I like spiderman because getting bitten by a radioactive spider seems more plausible as silly as that sounds.

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It’s okay

You obviously don’t understand Batman.

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Incorrect, I do. Bruce Wayne watched both of his parents get murdered nearby a theater and he like fell down a bat cave and then became Batman for unoriginal reasons- his gadgets consist of the grapple hook, his intelligent mind, bat-rang’s, he also drives a bat-mobile.
Batman aka Bruce Wayne doesn’t have any superpowers and is rich and he mainly uses his hands and feet and gadgets to win whatever battle he is in. I understand Batman.
I just dislike him because I feel like the entire thing is honestly ridiculous- I don’t wanna see a man dressed as a bat going around and gliding in the air- I may not have seen any of the Batman movies but I’ve heard his origin story multiple times and the more I hear it, the more he seems outdated- he’s like the captain America- the only difference is that cap retired and I hope Batman does to.

I have no problem with anyone who trying to do good in this world. There are time when I think we need more characters like Batman or Superman.