Batman is lame due to the lack of no powers and his personality never changes amirite?

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I've never been a huge fan of Batman. It's the "from planet krypton thing that gets me. I like spiderman because getting bitten by a radioactive spider seems more plausible as silly as that sounds.

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It’s okay

You obviously don’t understand Batman.

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Incorrect, I do. Bruce Wayne watched both of his parents get murdered nearby a theater and he like fell down a bat cave and then became Batman for unoriginal reasons- his gadgets consist of the grapple hook, his intelligent mind, bat-rang’s, he also drives a bat-mobile.
Batman aka Bruce Wayne doesn’t have any superpowers and is rich and he mainly uses his hands and feet and gadgets to win whatever battle he is in. I understand Batman.
I just dislike him because I feel like the entire thing is honestly ridiculous- I don’t wanna see a man dressed as a bat going around and gliding in the air- I may not have seen any of the Batman movies but I’ve heard his origin story multiple times and the more I hear it, the more he seems outdated- he’s like the captain America- the only difference is that cap retired and I hope Batman does to.

I have never cared for Batman or Superman. What is interesting to me though is that fans of either one start arguing about who would win and it starts to sound like a political debate. There are some serious emotions about those two comic strip characters. :)

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I have no problem with anyone who trying to do good in this world. There are time when I think we need more characters like Batman or Superman.

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