Maroon 5 and the NFL deserve the hate they got because of Super Bowl LIII, amirite?

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I don't hate Maroon 5 or the NFL. I believe Colin Kapernick was wrong, but that's between him and the NFL. The celebrities that are throwing all the shade on Maroon 5 are the same ones that preach against haters. JMHO

I didn't waste my time watching this year wary smilie

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Yes....I don't listen to Maroon 5 and i didn't watch the Super Bowl.

When I saw what the score was, after it was over.
I was glad they had a crappy game, for screwing my team from being in it, to get the team they wanted, in it..

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Maybe Maroon didn't wanna let the fans down? Wait! If all them fans really cared would've they gone in 1st place? About the controversy?

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I don't listen to Maroon 5 and i didn't watch the Super Bowl. So you should have explained the question better

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