It's now more high class to eat raw meat than cooked meat, Amirite!?

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Not sure where you got this, but even if it's true, you're implying it used to be higher class to eat cooked meat. Eating meat in general was the high-class part. Cooking meat was relatively cheap and easy, so even lower class people cooked meat before they ate it.

I’ve always found it pretentious. I’ve known a lot of people who eat raw meat and fish(I know fish is meat). But, cmon. Wtf. I seriously want to slap them in the face with it.

I love sashimi and raw oysters, but I'm far from being high class.

High class? Source?

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it's also salmonella

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Steak Tartare? Always been a upper class specialty

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Social class is stupid and preparing your food according to your class is ridiculous.

Depends on the meat, I wouldn't try the raw approach with pork.

I don't eat raw meat, fish, etc. And my steaks have to be well done, no pink at all. That's gross.

Cavemen new no other way, for a long time....go figure.

Eating raw meat is about as "High Class" ....as calling a colored rectangle "art".

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