Everybody agrees space is infinite, but where would heaven and hell be on this spectrum? They can't be above or below as it goes on forever. Is it a different realm like the spirit realm? Idk, amirite?

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Space has not been proven to be infinite. Heaven or hell or sprit realm hasn’t either.

I don't think that people that believe space is infinite also believe in hell and heaven

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@I don't think that people that believe space is infinite also believe in hell and heaven

I do! And yes, I believe Heaven and Hell are on a spiritual plane. :)

There is a heaven and there is a hell, no one knows exactly where it is, but we ALL will find out someday.

Heaven is fake, unfortunately hell is confirmed.


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Science can actually explain this through the 11 dimensions of string theory

1. length
2. Height
3. Depth
4. Time
5. Possible other realities
6. A plane with ALL possible worlds with the same start
7. A plane with ALL possible realities where the start varies but the result doesn't vary much
8. A plane of ALL possible worlds each with a different condition and end result
9. A plane with ALL possible realities and the laws of physics vary
10 and 11. Infinite possibilities where everything is possible

Now we as humans live in only the first 3 and we can affect - length, height and depth since we can move around in the first 3 dimensions but we cannot affect the 4th dimension which is time. To time we are slaves.....

If this is how it works then God "lives" in the 11th dimension and here ALL of the 11 dimensions of infinite reality through infinite time-space would be visible at the same time.. God would see infinite creation and possibility through infinite time-space.

This life could actually be what the holy books preach or it could be only coincidence and biological life but the same time coincidence and biological life could be what we descripe as "God" through cosmic consciousness.

Now I have a VERY hard time believing in heaven or hell since the idea to me is VERY stupid.(not to say you are, I respect what you believe) I just can't believe it.. since there would be no good and evil to a being who lives in the 11th dimension..

But to answer your question if there is, it would probably exist outside of the 11 dimensions disconnected from everything we know as creation.

My personal belief is that death is not real. Why?

So if the 11 dimensions of string theory is right (keep in mind it is theory) then there are infinite versions of you and me throughout infinite time-space.

So this is what I believe happens;

If there are infinite versions of "you" then you never truly die since you are alive through infinite realities.
Neurologist have NO IDEA WHAT SO EVER where our "consciousness" is. It could just as well be outside of the body as inside, and this is what I believe.

You and I are and everyone are all connected with the "other versions" of us through consciousness so in essence; when we die we simply enter another version of our lifes or another dimensions

... not sure how space could be infinite AND expanding.

No, everybody does not agree that space is infinite! Although I suspect that just about everybody agrees that space is unimaginably large. And the precise locations of Heaven and Hell is a moot point since neither of them actually physically exist. They are just concepts invented by ancient superstitious leaders who used them to attempt to make their subjects behave they way they wanted them to.

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