Unpopular opinion: Lawyer isn't a dishonest profession. A lawyer's responsibility is not to state their opinion on guilt or innocence, but to state their opinion on what one must believe to justify believing guilt or innocence. This, in turn, is grounded in the idea that every crime deserves justice and every defendant deserves a fair defense. So, for example, the defense could believe their client is guilty, yet defend their client in court in good conscience, because they aren't saying they think their client is innocent, just that they see a way someone could reasonably think that, amirite?

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It's not the profession that is dishonest, it is some of the people in the profession that are dishonest.

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I agree that the profession is not dishonest in itself. I suspect it is often a difficult one though, for those who have an active conscience.

Im sure I could use your counsel in the future

I still love an "eye for an eye"... Give the American system some credit it boasts the largest admittedly guilty prison population in the world.

90% of defense lawyers are in it for the money. They don't give a shit that their client is guilty. They get paid for showing up and playing the game. Mostly at the taxpayer's expense. Public defenders are the most dishonest of them all.

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