An electric car that is propelled by 1-2 wheels, while the other 2-3 wheels generate enough energy to power the car from moving, would solve a lot of problems. amirite?

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Any energy you are taking out of the motion of your car must first be put in. It's not a 100% efficient process to convert electricity to motion, and it's not a 100% efficient process to convert motion into electricity, so there's no way you could get more energy out of the motion of a car than it takes to create the motion.

You could only generate “new” electricity on downhills, converting gravity’s energy into kinetic energy in the tires into electrical energy in the generator. Otherwise, any electricity generated by the tires would be taken directly from the energy used to get the tires moving in the first place.

They already do that.

You wouldberite only if certain fundamental laws of physics turned out to be all wrong. biggrin smilie

I'll keep my pumping pistons.

Electricity is for making toast..

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