An average college student today knows more stuff than the smartest guy living 500 years ago, amirite?

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That's me! I'm an average college graduate and I can't even make change without the computer.

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He knew more than the average bear

i'm pretty sure the average college student today is dumber then one 5 years ago

Hello I'm an average college student and I know nothing.

This is because the college student today has the cumulative knowledge of all the successive smartest people since and also can access this information for for free, instantly.

Bout to fail physics like a boss

@contextrip Bout to fail physics like a boss

I would have gotten a zero in Multivariate Calculus if I didn't withdraw. But what a cool class that was to even be a part of.

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But if the smartest man 500 years ago didn't come up with the stuff he came up with, god knows if we'll even have a college in the present timeline.

Yet supposedly prehistoric farmers were supposed to be a lot lot smarter AND stronger. Heard on some JRE.

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All about access to said knowledge.

There were a lot of smart people back then, the pyramids come to mind. That's an engineering marvel.

Got it exerb1a

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The average college student knows different stuff than the smartest person living 500 years ago.

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