It's all about money, amirite?

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Lady, say no all you love i'll give an example. Let's just say Science teaching job pays £14,500 p/a. A prestigious job, good career, SAME start time and holidays off (usually same time students off) but! All that teacher will b paid is 14.5K p/a (after tax).

NOW! Imagine a family sat in Sunday lunch, their kids n cousins, highly educated, are all present and one kid (or aged 21) announces... "Am gonna be a science teacher for secondary school." YOU any idea what will happen?? The other bro, sis n cousins will try and talk him out of it! Indirectly of course, "You sure? I heard it a lot o hard work..." Blah blah. Why talk him out of it?? BECAUSE THE PAY IS £14,500 P/A!

The truth is, people aim for degree for a better paid job, not a better job.

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Awww I like you already. Although everyone knows money isn't source o happiness but society still aims for money. From aged 13 -15 onwards.

Also interesting you mention "Happy" before I did. Indirect psychological factor!

Yes and no - depends on the situation. Sometimes money is everything, and sometimes there isn't enough money in the world for me to do something.

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