People wouldn't want to come to this country if we made it more hellish, lawless, and scary than wherever they came from. am I right?

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They will keep coming as long as the government is giving them free stuff.

@beachbum They will keep coming as long as the government is giving them free stuff.

that "government" would be all us working taxpayers who are paying the bills.

We have crime and really poor areas, but I wouldn't want to live any place else. People come here because we're free, something that they are not. We should be treating them like human beings instead of putting them in cages like animals. We need to put Trump in a cage, don't let him bathe, shave off his hair, and see how he likes it. But he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he has no idea how the REAL people live.

Purge night?

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When you hate immigration so much you destroy your own country just they stay alway

Lol I don't think you know how hellish, lawless and scary the other places are that they're fleeing from.

You are assuming we know where you are from.

Seems counterintuitive

A safe cage with free food, shelter and healthcare would look pretty good to me if I came from a hellish, lawless and scary country. When I was homeless I would have welcomed
a "cage" and all the benefits.

Hope the word gets back to them in south america that north america isn't going to be allowing everyone in all willy nilly. anymore. detained children taken, will that keep them at home

The millions that keep trying to get into this country, ILLEGALLY every year, proves that's not happening anytime soon.

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