Seems really quick when friends go to the toilet in a bar, amirite?

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Not girls! Haha

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right it just takes we girls longer to unzip or unbutton, get it all back on. Then another problem is some go into the stall to chat on the phone. If only they had female urinals/ the kind of toilets the Asians put in their restaurants, that would help too.

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The only ones I have seen around here so it is more common in other places??

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a FEMALE URINAL IS LIKE A REGULAR TOILET BUT THINNER SO YOU CAN JUST STAND ABOVE IT TO PEE. cap lock not yelling. so you just unbutton and aim properly. I never sit in any public bathroom. just lift the seat and stand over it, or You practice some you can do. That way never sit on a dirty seat or dribble on a seat.

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what do you do besides zip up? Thats all I need to do,

I'm like there's no way you went to the bathroom pissed and came back in that insignificant portion of time. Some general relativity time warping insanity going on there.

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Many are holding the toilet walls

I qwoulnt knoeu i donf dink

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