The mom in the "Three Little Kittens" nursery rhyme is awful. She scolds the kittens for losing their mittens and doesn't feed them because of it. She takes no personal responsibility for entrusting them with mittens at too young an age, then takes out her anger on them by refusing to feed them. Amirite?!

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It's obviously a moral story to teach children the value of fear and oppression in a parent/child relationship. Sheesh.

Good grief, it's just a story. Chill!

Mother cat was a heavy drinker, trying to forget her painful childhood.

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Never heard of that nursery rhyme.

Maybe she didn't want to straight out tell them, there's nothing to eat.
She knew they would lose the mittens.....starting her plan in motion.

Moral of the story..... Sometimes it's not about the damn mittens.

I would avoid picking up Grimm's Fairytales and any old time nursery rhymes...the real versions will leave you shocked omg smilie

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