Scientists could tell us anything and we'd believe them. amirite?

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Like the Earth is round or Vaccines do not cause autism?

We tell you stuff all the time and you dont listen. Smh

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@We tell you stuff all the time and you dont listen. Smh

I especially don't trust anonymous "scientists".

If that were true, there'd be no argument over manmade climate change.

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I think it's wise to not trust anything without your own research... common sense comes into play... Nobody deserves full authority over you , scientist are no different then politicians.

Hence all the work to undo climate change and the tiny percentage of creationists in the U.S.

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You mean like "birds are real?" I don't think so!

Unless your american

@TheRojoGaming Unless your american

Scientists say that you should've used "you're."

@Look at this dude.

If you're going to call Americans stupid, you should do it correctly.

Never have...why should I start now?

Nope...I gotta have facts