The World News Daily Report is not as fake as it's made out to be. Maybe a little bit to make a point, amirite?

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You must be kidding. Current headlines include;

Babysitter transported to hospital after inserting baby in her vagina.

Couple hospitalized after man gets his head stuck in wife's vagina.

Morgue worker arrested after giving birth to dead man's baby.

Morgue employee cremated by mistake after taking a nap.

Prostitute avoids jail time after being diagnosed as "spermaholic".

There are also stories of a hunter being raped by bigfoot, the crime spree of a midget criminal gang, a morgue employee who took home 3000 penises, and a New Jersey bother and sister who won a court case allowing them to marry.

How is any of this a little bit fake and what is the point WNDR is trying to make?

No idea, never watched it, read it, listened to it?

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