In u.s. anyway, a rude thoughtless person fits in better than a kind thoughtful one. Sad but true, amirite?

No you're wrong! Now go f*ck yourself you little sissy!! Go Trump!! Hate radio rules!! MAGA with an AK in every home!!

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Seems like it sometimes, but I don't think so..really.

hahaha I'm sure the Trumpers are gonna be coming at you in about 5 minutes. lol lol

Oh don’t worry, America is far more behind than you might think, just compare it to the rudeness levels in Russia:

“Nice pink shirt, faggot.”
“What hair is that for a girl?”
“If he beats ya he loves ya” (on domestic abuse)
“Go back to your country [slur]”

All still being common-day expressions people have to suffer through.

Well have you tried to think of other things that make you happy?

The post has nothing to do with rudeness vs. kindness.
The language of the poster in this very post proves that.
It shows that as long one wants to express contempt for Trump, it's apparently A-ok to be as rude as you want according to the OP.
What else is new? hehe smilie y smilie wink smilie

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