Mimes and prisoners wear the same black and white striped clothes, amirite?

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Has been a long time since black and white was for prisoners, it is all orange isn't it. Now i don't like orange and that would be an extra punishment for me at least. Mimes I have seen wear whatever they like. Things are very different in your part of the countrywhat smilie

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really it is all orange here. differences all over eh??

that was no mime

nrd smilie
So I had to look this up, obviously, knowing how cool mimes are, and what I found is a disappointing disconnect between the history of “prison stripes” vs “mime stripes”:

Prison stripes did originally symbolize bars, but all the variants of prison uniforms (striped or not) were primarily meant to be of a contrasting design from guards’, even from afar.

As for mimes, though, they did use it for the interesting purpose of optical illusions on a horizontal or vertical plane.

~ unwanted fun facts from nacklefoodle ~

So are mimes prisoners then...I knew they were some shady bastards crs smilie

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