Veterans Shouldn't be living on the streets after serving our country. Amiright?

I know this may not be considered an opinion per say, but it must be heard. I am doing a paper for my English class on a social issue of my choice and I have stumbled across homeless veterans. The statistics I have found are disturbing. Why is it that 8% of homeless people, about 48,000, are veterans? They have served our country and now they are living on the street corners? Now that doesn’t sound right to me. Did you know that 40% of that 48,000 have families that they can’t provide for? You may think “ Why don’t they just go to a shelter?”, that would be because there is a very large shortage in shelters. Veterans have served this country and it seems as no one cares anymore. As Americans, we should be ashamed of ourselves to let the heroes of this country live in such poverty while we live like kings. I know that there may be some who cannot help them, but for those who are able, you should be doing all you can. Although the government provides some financial help, it is not enough to keep them above the rising tide of expenses. I am hoping that just giving a couple of tidbits of information I found will make you feel as though you should look into it some more. I believe that you will be just as disturbed as I have become. If you think that it is their fault they are in the situation they are in you are not completely wrong. Some do have substance abuse due to certain mental illnesses, but can they truly help it if the government will not help them pay for their treatment? Some may think that the government shouldn’t have to pay for any of their treatments, but who is the one that needs soldiers to fight in the wars we create? I want you to think about this before you give me a response. If you do disagree please let me know what your opinion is, I would love to hear it. Please help a veteran near you. It will make their day and hopefully yours as well.

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Correct. The VA should be able to help out our veterans.

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