You're currently most likely procrastinating. amirite?

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That's why I'm here

Anonymous +2Reply

Your not wrong im just sitting here not doing anything

Anonymous +2Reply

But can you really procrastinate sleep?

Or prioritizing. I just learned those words are interchangeable cause even if your doing nothing at all technically you are just prioritising poorly.

ComparedCrib996s avatar ComparedCrib996 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Most of the time. a smilie

JanHaskells avatar JanHaskell Yeah You Are +1Reply

Well yes, but actually no

Ouch; Jesus, OP

No, I'm not.

I'll explain why later.

Tyagidevanshs avatar Tyagidevansh Yeah You Are +1Reply

Never has something so true insulted me so much...

This is like going to the movies and then a disclaimer appears saying "you're currently most likely about to watch a movie."

motorbikemillys avatar motorbikemilly Yeah You Are +1Reply

I'm waiting for my flight. Not many options to pass time

I am kinda putting off going to bed again. It isn't working tonight at all.

Shhhhh don't tell them

Ugh... you son of a bitch... you're right.

apollo50homages avatar apollo50homage Yeah You Are +1Reply

I am thinking about how to do my next task

Procrastinating my sleep yes.

Anonymous 0Reply

Negative. Nothing for me to procrastinate about at 9pm on a Sunday.

Always am

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