You don't realize how much urine gets on your pants until you pee in shorts. amirite?

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True, especially when I'm dreaming about peeing, then I wake up and I'm peeing.

Maybe you don't but people close enough to you....do.

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You naughty girl, you...jk...Someone down-voted you, but I gave you an up vote.

Only if you're someone who doesn't pee sitting down.  biggrin smilie

@Thinkerbell Only if you're someone who doesn't pee sitting down.  

I could pee sitting down, but the water in the toilet bowl is too cold.

w-what is the difference? Am I doing it wrong? I think you might be doing it wrong.

And on your shoes until u pee with slippers (special reference to squat toilets)

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I get you, pal.

People here acting like they haven't felt the warm splash of piss hitting their shins.

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