Some people waste their entire lives competing in a suffering contest, as if that makes them better than you. amirite?

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Yes. Those people suck. OMG, Let me detail all the ways they make my life so much worse than anyone elses!

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You just stood there screaming
Fearing no one was listening to you

They say the empty can rattles the most
The sound of your own voice must soothe you

Hearing only what you want to hear
And knowing only what you've heard

You, you're smothered in tragedy
And you're off to save the world


You insist that the weight of the world
Should be on your shoulders


There's much more to life than what you see
My friend of misery

It shows a sad lack of gratitude for life and its many blessings. We all have our share of problems and heartache, but making a career of misery is a choice. cry smilie

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