Every mom in the world must have their own spaghetti sauce recipe, amirite?

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Eh, my mum just buys store-bought sauces.

Not the moms that gave up their kid for adoption.

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Variations notwithstanding there are generation recipes. My mum makes a mean bolognese which she learned from my granny. Up until a few years ago I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them.

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Mine doesn't use sauce

I know in like the 60's my mom made sauce from fresh tomatoes onions and all the fresh things from the gardens, but after that it was always a jar from the grocery, doctored up as she called it.

My adoptive Mum makes marinara, Bolognese, and pesto sauces to name three, using ingredients from outside. It would be a sin not to credit her Italian roots.))

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