It is okay to occasionally be rac-ist, amirite?

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When is it okay?

Racism is a belief system, you can't occasionally be racist. You might say racist things occasionally, either for the sake of irreverent humor or as a genuine statement of belief, but either way, your beliefs are what they are and they aren't based on what you say.

I'm sure that a lot of the people who virtue signal about being "tolerant and inclusive," are actually extremely racist, and a lot of the people who might make an edgy joke aren't racist at all.

But what does it even mean to be racist? I mean, statistics are racist as hell against black men. If I'm aware of the statistics, does that make me a racist? Like, if I know that even though black men are only 7% of the US population, they commit half the murders, as well as an outsized proportion of other violent crimes, does that make me racist? And if I'm in the US and I see a group of black men coming towards me, and I feel apprehensive about that where I wouldn't feel as apprehensive if they were whites or east asians, does that mean I'm racist? Or does it just mean I'm aware that the statistical likelihood a group of strangers might be a danger to me varies based on how they look? I don't see that as being racist, that's just being in touch with reality.

I think real racism is the inability to see someone as anything more than a member of a group. The truth is some groups are fucked up, maybe all of them, but people are unique individuals, and if you're only able to see them as a member of a group, you're missing the real truth of who they are, so real racism is a form of delusion.

None of us chose our race, so I don't think it's fair to be shitty to somebody because of it. In my experience, people I like, and people I don't like, come in all colors. And I'm not just saying that to signal how virtuous I am, it's a fact.

I heard humans killed out the Neanderthals just because they were different

What.. no?

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