People who live on a smartphone screen have no right to complain about an appartments lack of view. amirite?

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Reminds me of when my wife and daughter can't wait for summer. They talk about it all winter. Then summer rolls around, it's beautiful out. I'm out on our deck. Where are they? Inside, faces buried in glowing rectangles. Why where we looking forward to summer so much again?

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People always have the right to complain. It's in our nature. :)

Ah yes phone bad

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Yes they do. Only because your life is keeping you in the digital world, doesn't mean you don't want some nice view for when you get off. I guess this is a punch towards Smartphone Zombies but not everyone working with Smartphones does this for pure entertainment or addiction. Also, even if... Let people enjoy things.

What kind of ridiculous gatekeeping is that ?

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