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Some people are harsh because they love too hard and get hurt easily /:

Most rich people are harsh because they feel everyone is out to take their money BACK.

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Are most rich people harsh? I didn't know that. Like how rich are we talking? Millionaire? Billionaire? And what kind of rich? Like, new money, old money?

New money millionaire rich are mostly high achievers, usually very hard working, very conscientious, like you or me only smarter, more diligent, and more driven. They can probably come off as harsh at times because from their perspective, anyone could be where they are if they really applied themselves.

Old money millionaire rich are usually the last gasp of wealth in a formerly rich family. Mommy and daddy passed down some nice property and a few bucks, and their somewhat spoiled children usually fritter it away, often die in debt. These are the cheap neurotic rich, selling bits of inherited artwork to fix the roof. They'd like to think they're better than you, but deep down they know they just lucked out.

Old money billionaire rich are the ones people both envy and hate. Born in the lap of luxury, highly educated, their job is to manage the family business, or more accurately manage its managers. They live in a weird bubble far outside the world of the common man, their concerns are nothing that you or I could relate to. They're typically polite and cultured, if a bit stuffy and unrelatable.