When you pick out the cashews from the mixed nuts you're stealing from future you. amirite?

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Future me is gonna hate me for this

grabs cashew nuts

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can i get in trouble for that?

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European Filberts, Common Filbert, etc.) produce filberts, but they technically are all hazelnuts. Now to further confuse the issue, some varieties of hazels grown in Britain are called “cobnuts”. This was based on a game kids used to play with the nuts where the winning nut was called the cob. So hazelnuts are loved by all - filberts I had to look up I am not a big nut eater - too much oil and calories. Why not just buy the tychew smilie pe you want cashews and fporeget the mixed stuff.

I see your point.
Mixed nuts are just cashews with obstacles.

Nah... I've also got a tin of cashews stashed away for my future delectation. biggrin smilie

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