The "college experience" has become more important to universities then education, amirite?

With the cost of amazing technologies so low and the risk of disasters on campus so high it seems much more beneficial to a young mind to be home and safe . Not only would this be safer it would be cheaper and allow more students to get the education they prefer instead of going through the processes of limited access schools.

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Than*, im so sorry but that annoyed the hell out of me

well more so being coddled like your a baby, and treating your fweelings like its a death sentence to have anyone disagree with you, unless your conservative of course, then fVc your feelings,

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@Wunderscore What the hell does this have to do with college lmao go to a different post

has everything to do with colleges, colleges and universities now treat us like babies, i live in Canada there was an incident at a school in USA and they talked to us like we where bunch of babies who would need therapy for trauma! they have these "safe spaces", its no longer a place for education but has become echo chambers for the left to feel safe from the ever so harmful FREE SPEECH

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