It takes quite a bit of self-discipline to not just wear sweatpants all the time and everywhere. amirite?

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It also takes a certain level of self-confidence to wear sweat pants/pajamas to the grocery store

@Tanmoykayesen It's getting cooler out, pajama mama season is soon upon us.

Its always that time in Florida.... Sometimes you see some good stuff, sometimes you don't... But that's just how life works isn't it

Jeans are much better for keeping phone and walet in them. There is always a risk of thing droping out of sweatpants pocketses.

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I'm not even sure if I own a pair of sweatpants.

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Ugh no thanks. I used to wear sweatpants at college. Personally I don't think they're much more comfortable than any other pair of non-denim trousers. And they look 100x worse.

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No sweatpants in this house. They let you put on weight without you knowing it.

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