Elderly drivers are more dangerous on the road than a majority of the drunk drivers that are out there. amirite?

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Texting while driving is more dangerous.

I'm 72, and I haven't had an accident nor a ticket in decades (and no, I don't go slower than the flow of traffic). I'm much safer than a drunk driver .... even when I'm drunk! hehe smilie JUST KIDDING!

I do seriously doubt that to be true. There are some "elderly" drivers who should face the fact that they ought not be driving much, for sure. It is a difficult thing for anyone to give up though, and the dependency on others that it entails.

I do agree that there are far more dangerous drivers overall, than "old" people and those who've consumed enough alcohol to be over the legal limit. People who drive when "drunk", are just as dangerous as those who put most of their attention on something other than the vehicle they are behind the wheel of.

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Nope... Drunk drivers cause just under double deaths than elderly, although, it does seem like elders need to be tested often tbh, just for safety. Not more dangerous, but yeah, def dangerous.


What are you calling an Elderly driver? Any age in mind?

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While I don't condone drunk driving I do agree with you, for the most part.

I'm the type to mind my own business but one time I was driving behind a guy in a commercial van swerving all over the road coming inches from mailboxes. He pulled over and let me pass, all I can see in my rear view mirror is this dickhead flipping me off so I decided to call the cops. The guy was clearly drunk. The guy was going to end up killing someone. I stayed on the phone until the cops intercepted him at an intersection and I drove off, turned around and drove by them again to see the guy in cuffs.

I hate elderly drivers. I have no patience for them whatsoever. The ones who do 10-15 miles under the speed limit should be fined.

Let's see some statistics to back up your claim.

Elderly drivers are more cautious than the young people who are texting, eating, putting on makeup. I would prefer driving behind an elderly driver than any other age.

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