Slow walkers and the people too polite to pass them probably cost the economy Hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted time a year. amirite?

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Some slow walkers are that way because they have their head in the clouds and don't realize they aren't the center of the universe. However, some of us slow walkers are because we have either bad knees or a bad hip. I try to stay out of the way of others - and no, I wasn't ever so polite that I wouldn't pass the first group.

let me explain driving to the slow walkers … the speed limit is not a number , it's the bumper in front of you.. if you drive down the road and have room in front of you ,

Why does everyone feel the need to be in a hurry all the time? Not everyone is in a hurry!! If you’re in a hurry, leave the house sooner. If you’re in a hurry, don’t go to the mall during peak times!! The world does not revolve around the self entitlement of the masses!!

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