nudity laws are ridiculous... we are born naked and you shouldn't be able to force people to be covered... I find dogs penis's and vaginas way more offensive but you'd be crazy to expect them to cover up , however I do... amirite?

nipples shall be treated equal

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my argument is that naked people are a part of nature...you shouldn't be surprised to see that in nature... you should have the choice to cover up if you feel exposed , but you should never be told to be ashamed of your body and cover up. where do we draw the line, surly laws for things like a Muslim hijabs the women wear is too far but who decides... clearly only the individual should decide what to cover their body with and not be bothered with other peoples disapproval.

@Anonymousmouse there are nudist camps you can join, go join them, do not do so in public

I can see how it conflicts with your beliefs but that doesn't make it illegal

@unknowncondition I can see how it conflicts with your beliefs but that doesn't make it illegal

it being illegal conflicts with your beliefs I understand but that doesn;t mean it should be legalized

@unknowncondition it feels good to finally talk to myself

we can put the nudity issue aside I just used it as an example because I feel I have somewhat of a point. but really the backbone to my argument is that we have to realize when in PUBLIC we will come across different types of lifestyles we don't agree with and they may be repulsive to your eyes but if nothing more the your MIND is hurt from something you see in public you should be powerless to intervene.

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