Maybe dating is so hard because we're actually evolving from being a largely monogamous species to an entirely non-monogamous one; and we're in this weird limbo without realizing that's what's happening. amirite?

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I disagree. Mating rituals and partner selection is apart of evolution. Some creatures never find mate or procreate... that's basic evolution.

Or maybe dating is hard because the base determines the superstructure

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It's not evolution. A polygamous/polyamorous society means instability for children, and instability is terrible for kids.

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That's not evolution. That's just the collapse of a decadent society.

Greece fell, Rome fell, and the same thing happened.

@Kionix Decadent? Are you sure

That's the general consensus amongst people who have definite ideas about right and wrong.

Your mileage may vary.

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I bet only so called progressive countries are experiencing this

Dating is not hard if you have time, money and a half decent personality. The less you have of any one of those the harder it gets.

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